It’s just a little blush.

Just a little blush

Many women are afraid of using blush as they are not confident about their application method. We all have seen a lady who looks like she is wearing racing stripes down the sides of her cheeks. Your application method is somewhat different depending on your face shape while your shade of blush depends on your skin tone.




Oval faces can wear blush almost any way. Apply blush on the apple of your cheek (the fullest part of the cheek) and blend it out and up in the direction of your temples.


Round face Apply blush along your cheekbone and blend towards your ears to make your face look slimmer


Heart-shaped face Dust the blush directly under the apples of your cheeks and sweep it upwards to balance the look of your jaw line.


Square face Apply on the apples of your cheeks and dust the left over blush to your temples and chin to soften the edges of your facial contours.




Fair skin tone – Soft pinks, Light corals and peachy colurs

Medium Skin tone – Rich pinks, Warm mauve, Deep peaches

Dark skin tone – Deep fuchia, Warm browns and tangerine.


If you struggle to get a colour to show up on your skin you can apply a sparkling bronzer in a similar shade to your skin tone. Apply your blush and then apply the bronzer you on top of that. The shimmer in the bronzer helps to emphasize the flushed colour.