Bunny Cruelty campaign4

Every one minute, 219 animals are killed in America, because beauty product ingredients get tested on them. Sadly, most of the biggest and best known beauty and makeup brands continue to hurt animals. And there’s nothing beautiful about that.


Why should I care about animal cruelty?

To paraphrase the website of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way. Every day in countries around the world, animals are fighting for their lives. They are confined to tiny cages so that they are burned, blinded, poisoned, and cut up alive in the name of “beauty” and worse. Even though an animal might not be able to speak in the way you and I do, nor think the way you and I do, animals are living beings with feelings. They have the ability to fear and to suffer and to feel pain just like you do. That is why it is not OK to hurt animals. Babies do not speak or think in the way you and I do. But they can be fearful and experience suffering and pain just the same. And we don’t think it is OK to hurt, torture or kill babies do we? It is illogical to have a different view on animals.


There are many more reasons why testing beauty products on animals and using animal ingredients are not cool.


1 Animals are too different from humans

Bunnies don’t wear makeup. Neither do guinea pigs or mice. They are covered in fur. Their face and skin is nothing like your skin and face. It makes no sense to test makeup products on them.  You might just as well be testing makeup on a pineapple and expect to learn something from that. It is completely unreliable and unnecessary. The law, except in China, does not require animal testing. But because China is a huge consumer market, companies continue testing.


2 Other industries test on humans, not animals

Clinical medicine trials entail medicine to be tested on humans before it is put on the market. Many people willingly take the risk of using these medications to see if it safe for human use. These people get paid extremely well to be human guinea pigs. There is a million women who would happily act as guinea pigs (probably for free!) for the chance to get to try a skincare cream or a makeup product before anyone else can buy it.


Not tested on animals is a lie

Many beauty brands carry this line on their packaging. But what it relies on is a misrepresentation. All the company is stating that the brand new product you are holding in your hand has not been tested on an animal. It does not mean that the ingredients are not of animal origin nor does it mean that the ingredients were not tested on animals or that a third party or the parent company does not test on animals. Instead, look for labels that carry vegan and cruelty free logos such as those of Peta and Leaping Bunny.


The difference between vegan and cruelty free

Lori Leib, the creative director of Bodyography Cosmetics recently visited South Africa and explained that just because a beauty is labelled cruelty free does not mean it is vegan. Cruelty free means the product was not tested on animals whilst vegan means that none of the ingredients are animal derived. Vegan products are cruelty free but cruelty free does not necessarily mean vegan. Bodyography makeup is cruelty free and offers many vegan options.


So how do I know if a company tests their products on animals?

Companies who do not test their products or animals or do not use animal ingredients at all will just about definitely state so on their packaging. It is an exception and not the norm to produce products that do not harm others or the environment. It often involves that the company has to go to great expense and effort as the usual channels of cosmetic production is mostly not ethical and cruelty free. If a company does not test on animals or use animal ingredients in their beauty products the answer to your questioning them would be a simple “we do not hurt animals.” But if they do not answer you, or their answer is long, complex and not straight forward, it is fair to assume that they are using public relations smokescreens to soften the ugly truth.

Companies who do not test on animals will carry the PETA certified cruelty free beauty without bunnies logo or the Leaping Bunny logo.
One of the quickest ways of finding out if the products you are using is causing hurt to animals, is to check the list on the PETA website here


You wouldn’t want your pet to die alone, in pain, without a soothing voice or gentle touch.  Please help to put an end to animal cruelty by not supporting brands that test on animals and use animal ingredients.