How to get your #BrowsOnFleek

Brows on fleek

By Ryno Mulder


Natural brows are making a comeback as few women spend hours on their makeup routine. This is how you get flawless eyebrows in a flash.


Brows are a massive beauty trend the past couple of years and Instagram have made the dark, hyper stylised eyebrow iconic. Brow trends have evolved from razor thin to big and intense as models like Cara Delavigne rule the runway and Kylie Jenner is the beauty icon of the moment. However if you’re not a blogger or a makeup artist, spending half an hour perfecting your brows may not be an option. If your brows are fine, sparse or light in colour you have a few options to remedy it. Your choice of product, brow colour and the brush you use are key.


Should you use pencil, powder, mascara or gel for eyebrows?

Brow powder is typically a compact matte shadow that is a good choice if your makeup skills are not that advanced. When applied with a brow brush, it gives your brows a soft, natural look that it is easy to correct if you make a mistake. Brow powder also gives you quick results.

Brow pencils must be soft and not too sharp so you can gently colour in the brow area. A sharp brow pencil is best used in combination with brow powder as you can sketch fine brow “hairs” in using the pencil. A sharp pencil is also good for extending the outer corners of the brow by drawing in short strokes of colour in a feathering motion. Pencils with a triangular tip is the biggest new range and only available in a few selected high-end brands. The triangle tip allows you to create thin lines as well as a soft blending effect with no need to sharpen the pencil.

Brow mascara is clear or tinted mascara used to comb out unruly brows and set them in place. Clear brow mascara is universal and can be used by anyone. The tinted versions should be picked to match your natural brow colour as closely as possible to add colour, texture, volume and definition to your brows.

Brow gel is long wearing tinted pomade used to fill in the brow using a brush. When applied it can give strong definition or be blended upon application for a softer look. It can also be used before brow powder as a primer for the brow area on top of which you will set the brow powder.


How to choose the correct colour for your brows

Your eyebrows should be in the same colour family as your hair colour but always a lighter, cooler and more toned down version of your hair colour. If your hair colour is…

Grey or blonde use a brownish grey brow colour

Light brown or red use a light brown brow colour

Medium to dark brown or black use a medium to dark brown brow colour but never black. Your brows frame your facial features and an overly dark eyebrow is unflattering. It can make your features look harsh and draw attention to lines and dark under-eye circles.


The best makeup brush for eyebrow application

Use a small, short angle brush with firm bristles. Do not pat or sweep your brow colour product onto your brow. Rather use short, tidy sketching motions as though you are drawing in individual eyebrow hairs onto the area.  This way you will get a neater, sharper brow shape.


Use these to get beautiful brows

Bodyography Essential Brow Trio (RRSP265), available from selected Perfect 10 salons countrywide.

You will find these three universal shades of brow powder super versatile as there is a colour that will suit ever hair colour. It can also be used as eyeliners or eye shadows as the formula consists of highly pigmented mineral powder. Gluten -free.