Get The Look


Bodyography shoot from tk tape on Vimeo.


Get The Look: Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye

  1. Prime the eyes with Canvas Eye Mousse, this will keep your shadow creaseless and vibrant
  2. Place Expression Shadow in Camel all over the lid- keeping the brow bone bare
  3. Apply Expression Shadow in Raven from the top lash line to just below the crease
  4. Take Raven under the eye applying it along the lower lash line from outer corner to inner corner
  5. Apply Expression Shadow in Truffle to the crease of the eye from outer corner to inner corner
  6. Blend Truffle and Raven together creating a smooth flow between the two colors
  7. Blend Truffle to just under the brow bone
  8. Apply Expression Shadow in Creamsicle to the brow bone as a highlighter
  9. Lightly smudge the Raven that was applied under the eye
  10. Add more or less Raven to the top and bottom lash lines for desired drama
  11. Line the water line with Black Magic Waterproof Liner
  12. Apply Mascara in Ink and add BodyographyPro Lashes in Show Stopper





Get The Look: Seduce Me

Seduce Me

  1. Apply Veil Foundation Primer in Neutral to prep the skin
  2. Tinted Moisturizer #3 to keep the skin fresh and glowing
  3. Translucent Powder to set the makeup
  4. Creme Blush in Cantaloupe to the apples of the cheeks
  5. Every Finish Powder #70 in the hollow of the cheek as a contour color
  6. Expression Shadow in Raven for brows
  7. Espresso Noir Gel Liner along the lash line in black
  8. Expression Shadow in Truffle smoked up the lid
  9. Show Stopper False Lashes
  10. Mascara in Ink
  11. Lux and Pink Martini on lips


Photographer: Dave Keffer

Model: Mona Parsa

Artist: Sarah Maxwell