Bodyography – Language of Beauty Masterclass

Discover the secrets of a Hollywood Make-Up artist with Bodyography and Woman & Home. Learn more about Hollywood trends, Do’s and Don’ts with Bodyography’s very own Lori Leib who is not only an amazing make-up artist but also the Creative Director of Bodyography. Can’t wait to see you there.   Cape Town – 6 May …read more

Hottest beauty trend: you need to wear berry lips

Berry blog Image design-2

By Ryno Mulder   Berry lips are bold and make you look confident. And if your application is faultless, there’s no reason to feel shy. Follow these three steps.   Right now there is a 90s trend revival and dark lips are having a moment. Dark lips instantly give you sex appeal and mystery.  They …read more

4 Foundation mistakes you are probably making

Overall Makeup infographic

1.      Not using a primer Just as painters need to prep their canvas to enhance their work – Primer preps your facial canvas for a flawless make-up application. The right primer should help with colour correcting, fill in fine lines and wrinkles and leave you with a flawless canvas to work your foundation magic. Picking …read more


Bunny Cruelty campaign4

Every one minute, 219 animals are killed in America, because beauty product ingredients get tested on them. Sadly, most of the biggest and best known beauty and makeup brands continue to hurt animals. And there’s nothing beautiful about that.   Why should I care about animal cruelty? To paraphrase the website of People for the …read more

How to get your #BrowsOnFleek

Brows on fleek

By Ryno Mulder   Natural brows are making a comeback as few women spend hours on their makeup routine. This is how you get flawless eyebrows in a flash.   Brows are a massive beauty trend the past couple of years and Instagram have made the dark, hyper stylised eyebrow iconic. Brow trends have evolved …read more

It’s just a little blush.

Just a little blush

Many women are afraid of using blush as they are not confident about their application method. We all have seen a lady who looks like she is wearing racing stripes down the sides of her cheeks. Your application method is somewhat different depending on your face shape while your shade of blush depends on your …read more

Concealer or corrector

Concealer vs Corrector blog

Concealer and corrector are the ultimate makeup cheats to take your look to the next level. But many women don’t know the difference between the two. CORRECTOR is the first step in concealing. As the name suggests, it corrects discolouration under your eyes or on other areas of the skin. Correctors are not skintone or …read more

Bridal Makeup


  Whether you’re taking a que from Kate Middleton and doing your own makeup for your wedding, or if you have a makeup artist on your big day follow these guidelines for perfect bridal beauty. Your wedding day is one of the longest beauty days you’ll ever have. You want to look fresh and flawless …read more

Bodyography Beautiful Skin Helpers

Beautiful Skin Helpers

Beauty is more than skin deep. Once you know your skin type and what skin care products work for your concerns, you need to know what other factors play a role in your skin. Here is where it all comes together step- by -step by having beautiful skin.   The Do’s   Stay hydrated by …read more

All about that Base

All about the Base

How can I find the right foundation for my skin? This is the number one most asked beauty question. We’ve got the answer for you.   The point of foundation is to even out your skin tone, add healthy colour to your complexion and give your skin a youthful glow. So the right foundation should …read more