4 Foundation mistakes you are probably making

Overall Makeup infographic
  1. 1.      Not using a primer

Just as painters need to prep their canvas to enhance their work – Primer preps your facial canvas for a flawless make-up application. The right primer should help with colour correcting, fill in fine lines and wrinkles and leave you with a flawless canvas to work your foundation magic. Picking the right primer for your skin. Can really take your canvas to the next level.  Bodyography Clear is perfect for all skin types, neutralises your skin tone and smoothes out fine lines and pores. Bodyography Neutral Veil Foundation Primer shaded primer brightens an uneven skin tone and aids in concealing under the eye circles and age spots. Bodyography Veil Foundation Primer in purple helps to colour correcting yellow and orange tones in the skin.  It will instantly brighten tired and sallow looking skin and keep your makeup from appealing ashy on dark skin tones. Bodyography Veil Foundation Primer in Green primer soothes redness instantly and erases uneven skin tones. This is perfect for correcting acne scarring and rosacea. Tahitian Glow is ideal for ethnic skin tones. This is perfect for achieving that sun-kissed glow from within and to add warmth to your skin.


  1. 2.      Not matching your foundation correctly.

With variety in colour and options it’s not hard to have your foundation matched exactly to your skin tone, but a lot of the time when you are colour matching you tend to forget that skin tone, as with the seasons tends to change, often resulting that your colour match can end up looking dull or washed out. The best way to avoid this is the double up method. Make sure your foundation kit includes 2 shades of foundation, one slightly darker and one slightly lighter than your direct colour tone match. This allows you to blend and naturally contour as your skin tone needs change.


  1. 3.      Not keeping your skin type in mind.

Skin type plays a big part in picking your foundation. With variety being present in abundance, its not just as simple as picking the right tone, when choosing your foundation. You. If you tend to have a shiny appearance or oily skin you need to opt for a foundation with a matte finish like the Bodyography Natural Finish Foundation. While if you are dry, using a moisturising formula like the Bodyography Silk Cream Compact Foundation can help skin look soft and dewy.


  1. 4.      Using everything everywhere:

The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that you need to apply concealer all over, followed by foundation and then topped off with powder. This will without a doubt make your skin looked Caked and completely unnatural. Each item has its function and serves its purpose. After priming your skin your first step should be concealer. Concealer – as the name indicates is for hiding blemished and under eye circles. Blend it softly and allow to dry. Follow with foundation to give you skin a natural consistency. Then Finish with powder only in the center of the face, avoiding the hair line and focussing on the T-zone, where it is truly needed.